Helen Wall

Following qualification, Helen worked in primary, secondary and tertiary care settings. Helen has extensive experience in life-changing injuries including spinal patients and those who have suffered a brain injury; significant complex trauma (for example, orthopaedic and amputation patients) and life-limiting illness (through a diverse disease origin for example, neurological disorders such as M.S and cancer).

Helen’s clinical experience following her acceptance onto the Nursing and Midwifery Register in 1999 has given her the ability to expertly assess, predict and orchestrate the needs of a wide range of patients with diverse and complex health needs.

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Natalie Johnson

Natalie is skilled in working with clients who have medium to complex rehabilitation needs both in clinical and community settings. She is proficient in risk assessing the clients’ equipment, environmental, clinical and social needs in order to complete detailed care needs assessments and produce appropriate rehabilitation recommendations. This involves working closely with the multi-disciplinary teams, the patient and their family to set realistic and achievable goals, empowering and guiding the client throughout the rehabilitation process.

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Leanne Potts

Leanne is an occupational therapist with extensive experience in case management and vocational rehabilitation in both Australia and the UK.  Leanne worked for seven years in the field of disability support and statutory welfare providing a range of services including case management, referral and signposting services.  She has been involved in case management in the personal injury sector since 2004.  Her caseload has focussed on complex orthopaedic injuries including amputations and has also included burns, de-gloving and crush injuries.  Leanne has strong mental health experience working with individuals with PTSD, anxiety and depression both as a primary illness and a sequelae to a physical injury.  Many of the individuals that Leanne has worked with have had long standing injuries and have developed chronic pain in addition to their primary injury or illness.

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Claire Hall

Claire Hall qualified as an Occupational Therapist in 2001. In her 16 year career, Claire has developed her knowledge and skills working with children and adults with acquired brain injury and neurological conditions. Claire has experience of working within the NHS, charitable organisations, primarily offering residential rehabilitation and community outreach and the private sector.

Claire has a particular interest in neurological rehabilitation and is skilled in complex needs assessments and rehabilitation, report writing and training.

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Sandeep Kooner

Sandeep is a registered Occupational Therapist with over 13 years of experience specialising in the area of stroke and neurological rehabilitation. Sandeep also has extensive experience working in a range of clinical settings including acute care, outpatient services and community rehabilitation within the NHS as well as Local Authority Occupational Therapy in adult social care. Sandeep has experience and knowledge in assessing and treating a wide range of complex cases including brain injury, neurological and spinal conditions, orthopaedics, palliative care and learning disabilities.

Sandeep is highly skilled in using a client centred approach to address the physical, cognitive, psychological and social issues faced by individuals and their families following injury and is proficient in the collaborative goal planning, coordination and monitoring of an individual’s rehabilitation and complex care needs using highly developed clinical reasoning and evidence based practice

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Donna Newman

Donna is skilled in working with both adults and children with complex needs in a clinical and community setting. She is proficient in risk assessing the clients’ equipment, environmental and clinical needs in order to complete detailed care needs assessments and produce rehabilitation care plans. This involves working closely with the multi-disciplinary teams and goal setting to empower the client and their family with rehabilitation.

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Kayur Kotecha

Kayur specialises in the clinical & rehabilitation case management of individuals whom have experienced life-changing injuries following significant poly-trauma. Kayur has a broad range of experience in the management of individuals who have become socially excluded following multiple or complex orthopaedic, neuro-musculoskeletal and psychological injuries as well as experience of working with brain and spinal cord injured clients.

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Alexandra Hitchcock

Alexandra has ten years’ experience working with clients following injury or illness in both Australia and the United Kingdom. She specialises in working with clients with acquired brain injury with eight years’ experience in specialist inpatient units and community rehabilitation services; utilising the latest clinical evidence and experience to support her clinical reasoning.

Alexandra has specialist experience working with clients in level one brain injury rehabilitation services; managing complex discharge planning, challenging behaviours, complex family dynamics and equipment needs. In the community setting Alexandra has experience in transitioning clients from inpatient to home settings and from home into supported accommodation environments.

Alexandra has worked in both the public and private sectors throughout London, building an extensive knowledge of available services.

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Barry Lehane

Barry is an experienced Case Manager who readily develops good rapport and excellent working relationships with clients and their families. Barry works effectively with families and their legal teams to implement packages of support and programmes of rehabilitation that meet the client’s needs whilst providing clear evidence of need and progress.

Barry has extensive experience in managing complex cases and ensuring all members of the multidisciplinary team are working effectively towards the client’s rehabilitation goals. Barry prides himself in his ability to source appropriate professionals to support clients in optimising their rehabilitation potential.

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Gill Horler

Gill is a registered Occupational Therapist with over 18 years’ experience working with clients with a variety of physical and cognitive impairments.  She has considerable experience and knowledge in a wide range of complex cases including acquired brain injury, spinal cord injury and neurological conditions.  Gill is passionate about enabling people to achieve fulfilling and rewarding lives, as independently as possible, working closely with the client, their family and the multidisciplinary team.

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