Leanne Potts

Leanne is an occupational therapist with extensive experience in case management and vocational rehabilitation in both Australia and the UK.  Leanne worked for seven years in the field of disability support and statutory welfare providing a range of services including case management, referral and signposting services.  She has been involved in case management in the personal injury sector since 2004.  Her caseload has focussed on complex orthopaedic injuries including amputations and has also included burns, de-gloving and crush injuries.  Leanne has strong mental health experience working with individuals with PTSD, anxiety and depression both as a primary illness and a sequelae to a physical injury.  Many of the individuals that Leanne has worked with have had long standing injuries and have developed chronic pain in addition to their primary injury or illness.

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Georgina Speight

Georgina has extensive experience of delivering vocational rehabilitation services in a range of settings including the Public, Private and Welfare to Work sectors.  Georgina has successfully supported people with severe and enduring mental health problems and physical disabilities to secure employment whilst working on various Government funded initiatives.

She has worked with a diverse range of organisations and employers to develop and implement return to work plans for absent employees and provide advice, guidance and training to Line Manager and HR on absence management and disability issues, particularly mental health. Georgina is well experienced in facilitating career exploration, career redirection assessments and job search activities for those unable to return to their former employment following illness or injury.

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Lis Walker

Lis has over 9 years’ experience of providing vocational rehabilitation services to clients with a variety of support needs and disabilities including physical disabilities, orthopaedic injuries, learning disabilities, acquired brain injury, sensory impairments and mental health conditions. She has a BSc (Hons) in Psychology from the University of Liverpool and completed study on neuroscience and neuropsychology.

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Spencer Rathborne

Spencer has over 20 years experience of working with people with physical disabilities, learning disabilities, sensory disabilities and mental ill health.

Spencer has completed a diploma level Brain Injury Awareness course at the Kemsley Brain Injury Unit at St Andrews Hospital in conjunction with Northampton University. Spencer has worked in vocational rehabilitation for 13 years and as a Vocational Case Manager for over nine years and has vast experience with personal injury, income protection and employer’s liability cases including successfully returning clients to work within the police force and prison service.

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Victoria Mandrell

Victoria is an HCPC Registered Occupational Psychologist and award winning vocational rehabilitation specialist. Victoria has over eight years experience delivering vocational rehabilitation services for clients with a diverse and complex range of needs. She specialises in comprehensive vocational assessment and case management for individuals with acquired brain injury, physical disability, mental health, learning difficulties and sensory impairments. In 2013, Victoria achieved industry recognition as a finalist in the CMSUK Case Manager of the Year awards, and was the winner of the Vocational Rehabilitation Award for Research and Education.

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Angeline Jha

Angeline Jha is a registered Occupational Therapist with 12 years experience in working with people with a variety of physical and mental health problems in Australia and the UK. Angeline has extensive clinical knowledge in the assessment, treatment and planning of a wide spectrum of injury, illness and disability conditions as well as the application with regards to vocational assessment and rehabilitation. Her in-depth knowledge of rehabilitation from acute phases through to returning to work, ensures a grounded approach which considers the immediate needs whilst holding future goals in mind. Angeline has worked in a variety of settings including NHS, social services and private sector, providing Angeline with a range of skills to assist the lifespan of a case.

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