Quality and governance

What we do

Quality and governance for us is about having the right people in place, doing the right things on time and when it’s not right, fixing it.

Within our organisation we have a head of quality and service delivery role which is accountable to the senior leaders of the organisation. We don’t stop at just that and have a number of key roles carrying out quality and governance responsibilities to ensure we provide a great service and keep our staff, our customers and our clients safe.

Our practice is evidence based to ensure our clients benefit from the latest rehabilitation techniques or, in the case of expert witness services, the most recent knowledge.

We are open and transparent with our customers through the sharing of management information (MI) which demonstrates where we are adhering to service level agreements, the life-cycle of the claim and, in rehabilitation cases, where goals are achieved. We believe our MI helps people to understand and assess the value added by our services.

Why choose Bush & Co

  • Comprehensive Framework
  • Recognised Expertise
  • Professional Membership and Accreditation

Comprehensive Framework

Quality and governance run through the core of our organisation. At Board level corporate governance is observed and throughout the business we blend operational governance with clinical governance to create a comprehensive governance framework.

We work through cycles of continuous improvement and safeguard high standards to create an environment in which excellence in rehabilitation, care and expert opinion all flourish.

Underpinning this framework our strategic and operational leaders all play a part to uphold its pillars, providing assurance in:

  • training of all staff;
  • audit of all work;
  • use of evidence based practice in all cases;
  • transparent dissatisfaction handling;
  • peer review and appropriate whistle blowing procedures;
  • risk management;
  • incident handling;
  • confidentiality;
  • compliance; and
  • constant measurement of outcomes.

Recognised Expertise

Expert witnesses are, in their very nature, top of their field. For them, along with their case manager colleagues, we ensure adherence to legal context is apparent and our reports are checked to Bush & Co standards by a strict quality assurance process whilst leaving the expert’s opinion in tact.

Case management and rehabilitation decision making is checked and challenged by the operational team and a robust audit process.

Our expertise is recognised in the market as we currently contribute to the following professional forums:

  • a place on the CMSUK Governance Committee;
  • an operations manager holding a Trustee role at the VRA UK; and
  • an operations manager as Chair of the BABICM Research Group with a case manager as group member.
  • members of the Expert Witness Institute

Our case managers and expert witnesses are frequently recognised in industry awards and regularly published clinically.

We have not forgotten our professional roots and take pride in working alongside our NHS, social services and local authority colleagues who help us retain expertise and knowledge as we learn alongside them.

Professional Membership and Accreditation

All our case managers and expert witnesses hold valid professional registrations as well as memberships to their professional bodies. This is a mandatory requirement prior to joining us.

We are compliant with ISO9001 and have achieved Investors In People (Silver).


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