Chris Breckon

By Bush & Company

Chris has been a qualified Occupational Therapist for 31 years.

She has worked as a specialist Occupational Therapist in a Level 1 Neuro-rehabilitation Unit in Newcastle upon Tyne for the past three and a half years, specifically working with those who have suffered a traumatic or acquired brain injury. The complexity of clients she has worked with has led to her developing an excellent working understanding of the needs of clients who have experienced a range of trauma’s that affects their ability to live their lives the way they would like to and how they can adapt their skills and abilities to meet their full potential.

Throughout her career Chris has developed highly specialised knowledge and skills with working with complex adults especially with neurological difficulties. This experience includes physical, cognitive, social and emotional difficulties as well as significant experience of assessing, treating and working with people who have complex and challenging behaviour. Chris has completed training and worked extensively within a Systemic Family Therapy Team and is able to quickly and effectively develop a rapport with the client, family and carers to establish an open and transparent, productive and collaborative working relationship with all those involved in receiving and providing a care package.

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