Case Studies

  • "The assessor was jointly instructed under the rehabilitation code to undertake an immediate needs assessment for Ben, a 45 year old who had sustained his injuries in a road accident when riding his motorcycle 8 years previously.

    Collation of a detailed background established that Ben had sustained multiple fractures and dislocation of the right foot and ankle. The foot was manipulated to realign it but concerns remained that amputation may be necessary due to the blood supply having been cut off for some time."

    Assessment of Immediate Needs - Orthopaedic MORE
  • "Peter, aged 50 years, had sustained a severe brain injury in a road accident, six months prior to the assessor’s instruction to undertake an immediate needs assessment.

    Following a period on ITU his medical condition improved and he was transferred first to HDU and then to a neuro rehabilitation ward. Peter was discharged to the care of his parents approximately one month after the accident."

    Assessment of Immediate Needs – Acquired Brain Injury MORE