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Assistive and Adaptive
Technology Reports

Cases requiring expertise in assistive and adaptive technology (AAT) often involve individuals who have been seriously incapacitated by an injury whereby their ability to function on a day-to-day basis requires supplemental support from adaptive technology and rehabilitation devices.

Improving the quality of life and independence of those with motor, sensory and cognitive impairments may require a direct approach by way of Smart home technology, hearing enhancement equipment and voice-activated technology, or may involve the need to implement AAT to accommodate more complex needs such as eye-gaze technology, cognitive aids and high-tech powered wheelchairs.

The assistive and adaptive technology report you will receive is bespoke, focusing on the individualised needs of each Claimant, whilst ensuring that the AAT which is recommended within the expert witness report is both reasonable and justifiable in terms of cost, need and application.

Our assistive and adaptive technology experts have experience in:

  • Engineering
  • Clinical technology
  • Research and trial of emerging technology
  • Eye Gaze technology
  • Voice recognition software
  • Screen magnification
  • Smart home resources
  • Assistive robotics
  • Working with all disabilities following catastrophic and severe injuries

Paul Doyle | Assistive Technologist

Paul is highly knowledgeable and experienced in the area of assistive technology having worked in a number of strategic and operational roles. He has a particular special interest in eye gaze technology, voice recognition software and screen magnification and is up to date with the latest smart home resources available to people following catastrophic injury.

Paul has experience of executing and project managing the institution’s research agenda, particularly in the field of assistive technology. Projects include European funded activities to transfer innovation in the field of assistive technology training to partners in mainland Europe; inclusion of the user experience of assistive technology into the design specification and production of new person-centred technologies; i-Deal; testing and evaluation of a new technology platform intended to support independent living by acting as a centralised hub for a range of assistive technology and assistive technology related services and the inclusion of mobile devices into the academic programme for students with learning difficulties and disabilities, MoLeNet.

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Paul Doyle

Expert Witness

Assistive Technologist

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