What we do

A comprehensive behaviour assessment

Our functional behaviour assessment is a comprehensive assessment of the social, emotional, cognitive and physical factors that influence a person’s behaviour and is available to adult and child clients.

In cases where the cognitive sequelae of an acquired brain injury are thought to be impacting on the individual’s behavioural presentation and/or response to interventions we obtain guidance, support and supervision from a Consultant Clinical Neuropsychology led team.

In cases where we believe cognitive sequelae of an acquired brain injury need to be addressed directly e.g. memory, attention, self-regulation, planning, problem-solving, we may recommend that neuropsychology assessment and intervention is sought.

The behaviour assessment includes:

  • Observation within the home, social and if appropriate school/college environment.
  • Information gathering from the person on a one-to-one basis.
  • Information gathering from the person’s family, teachers and, where appropriate, peers and friends.
  • Talking to other members of the multidisciplinary team where available, such as Occupational Therapists, Speech and Language Therapists, Psychology professionals and Physiotherapists.
Helping people achieve their potential

Bush & Company are committed to helping people achieve their potential and rehabilitation goals.

Our assessors are experienced specialists within their chosen field of behaviour management and have vast multi-agency experience.

We pride ourselves in being solution-focused and creative in our approach. We never excuse ‘inappropriate behaviour’ but recognise that it represents a language with hidden meaning, which requires understanding and translation into a common language that is understood and managed.

Facilitating positive behaviour

Our behaviour specialists work with, and for, the injured person to help them identify their needs and to equip them with the tools to find a more effective way to communicate and deal with the challenges they are faced with.

Using proven tool and techniques we raise the level of awareness in both the person and those with a vested interest.

Our management approach ensures we maintain an unconditional positive regard for the person, while at the same time focusing on developing their emotional awareness so they can better articulate their needs and feel empowered to engage in their own rehabilitative journey.

We also offer training for parents, case managers and other professionals on developing emotional intelligence and working with resistance to affect positive behavioural/rehabilitation outcomes.