Bush & Company feature in EMPOWER Magazine

By Bush & Company

Have you read the latest issue of EMPOWER Magazine? EMPOWER provides up-to-date information, guidance and advice for amputees and their families and the 4th issue has recently been published. This issue features an article written by Bush & Company case manager and amputee specialist Scott Hodder, which focusses on ‘Case Management & the Amputee Client’.

Below is an extract from the article;

“Case Management of the amputee client is multifaceted, requiring an in depth knowledge of physical complications, psychological issues and environment challenges. The ultimate aim of rehabilitation is to facilitate the client in returning to as near to their pre-accident function and independence as possible. This requires the case manager to work in collaboration with the client, often requiring creativity and problem solving skills to achieve the best outcomes”.

To read the article in full please follow the link below and scroll to page 24.

Scott is a member of our specialist case management team who have extensive knowledge of the rehabilitation and range of available prosthetics to assist clients with upper, lower and multiple limb trauma and amputation.

Use our consultant locator to find a suitable case manager that can provide specialist rehabilitation and case management following a catastrophic injury.

Alternatively, please contact Karen Burgin to discuss your requirements in more detail.

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