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Care Reports

The associate care expert witnesses at Bush & Co have backgrounds in nursing and occupational therapy and as such, they bring a wealth of diverse clinical expertise to their care quantum cases.

Our bespoke expert reports address the medical, physiological and psychosocial needs of each Claimant and provide a comprehensive analysis of their past, current and future care requirements detailing, where necessary, scenario-based care provision covering specific phases across their lifetime.

Our care reports can examine care requirements in isolation, or include the provision of the equipment, aids and adaptations needed to support every-day function, independence, educational requirements and therapy goals.

Our panel of associate care expert witnesses are highly-regarded within the catastrophic injury sector and provide crucial quantum evidence for high-end paediatric, adult and wrongful birth claims.

We can also produce smaller, less detailed reports to give more of an overview of a case and to provide an indication of the likely care requirements to assist when drafting a Schedule of Loss or when considering settlement parameters or appropriate level of reserve for the case