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Our behaviour therapy service focuses on clients whose behaviour is disabling their ability to engage in rehabilitation and maintain healthy relationships.

We believe there is no such thing as challenging behaviour; behaviour that is inappropriate, misunderstood and which holds an underlying language should all be assessed and addressed for the good of the client and a positive future.

Our experienced behaviour specialists work alongside our clinical case managers and include physiotherapists, counsellors and play therapists. It is their role to equip people with the tools they need to find a more effective way to communicate, understand their feelings and raise their level of emotional intelligence to help them cope.

The service assesses the social, emotional, cognitive and physical factors that influence a person’s behaviour and works in partnership with neuropsychology teams across the UK to support children, young people and adults.

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  • Comprehensive Assessment
  • Reaching Potential
  • Facilitating Positive Behaviour
  • There for the Family

Comprehensive Assessment

There are a number of steps we go through for all clients and injuries to ensure we understand the current behaviour and how it is affecting the client and their rehabilitation.

  • Observation within the home, social and if relevant the school/college environment
  • 1-2-1 informal interviews with the client
  • Informal interviews with family, teachers and, where appropriate, peer groups and friends
  • Discussions with the multi-disciplinary team working with the client including occupational therapists, speech and language therapists, psychology professionals and physiotherapists.

Following assessment, our behaviour specialists provide a comprehensive report on their findings and their recommendations to address inappropriate behaviour.

Reaching Potential

Our service is solution-focused. Not one person presents the same behaviour, despite sharing the same injury on many occasions, and so we pride ourselves on finding the right solution for the individual to help them cope.

Inappropriate behaviour is never an excuse but we recognise that is represents a language in itself; a language that is misunderstood and needs translating.

Our 1-2-1 support means that we can really get to know our clients and put in place individual behaviour support packages to improve self-esteem, re-engagement and ultimately rehabilitation outcomes.

Facilitating Positive Behaviour

Our approach ensures we maintain unconditional positive regard for each client and see behind the behaviour that is being presented. We focus on the person and what their unspoken language is telling us through creative art therapy.

This benefits those people who struggle to articulate their thoughts, feelings and experiences because of fear, anger or capacity as well as children who have not yet developed the ability to communicate emotion.

We also facilitate positive behaviour by working with support services and contributing to Education Health Care Plans.

There for the Family

Behaviour affects everyone and a catastrophic injury can have traumatic repercussions on the whole family and support network.

We believe that family relationships can sometimes need additional support to rebuild themselves after catastrophic injury and so we provide training to families about developing emotional intelligence and working with resistance to affect positive behaviour.

We also co-ordinate mediation and counselling where necessary to allow the family to talk openly without fear of upset or anger and equip them with tools to support the client but also build resilience and a positive outlook.

My behaviour therapist helped me be me again. They heard my voice and made things happen like school, college and work as well as understanding the emotions I was going through. They helped me to not only recognise my own behaviour but understand others. I know more about my brain injury now and I don’t know what I would have done without them.

Client, 2019

From football to frustration

Read about one boy’s struggle and frustration following ABI and the role his behaviour specialist and case manager played in facilitating positive behaviour.

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