Case Management roles

What you can expect

Our case managers are some of the best clinicians and case managers across the UK. We believe this is because of their extensive knowledge of catastrophic injury, rehabilitation and wider support services but also because they care about rebuilding lives and creating a fulfilling future for those we support.

As a member of our team you can expect to work with like minded people who challenge the status quo, care about what they do, learn from each other and never take their eyes off the end goal; we think that’s pretty special.


As a case manager you will work with people who have suffered catastrophic injury to:

  • Assess their needs, understand them pre-injury and identify their needs post-injury
  • Put plans in place based on these needs for a successful rehabilitation with clear, manageable goals
  • Implement the plans alongside the client (including the parent or carer of children and young people)
  • Coordinate the relevant care and support whether that be accessing statutory services, therapy and rehabilitation, financial support as well as educational needs, vocational support, hobbies and lifestyle choices
  • Monitor progress and respond to changing needs.

Why choose Bush & Co

As our case managers are self-employed, we understand the importance of providing additional support to help you do your job well. This support includes:

  • Marketing support to promote you and help out with presentations, networking and raising your profile.
  • A finance team who process all of your invoices related to the case and help manage client accounts.
  • A team of case manager assistants to help with administration, leaving you to focus on the client.
  • Guidance on governance to protect you and your clients.
  • Training and continuous development through induction, quarterly regional meetings, specific training courses, supervision by an operations manager and case clinics.

What we expect

  • Experience
  • Specialist Knowledge
  • Quality & Compliance


All our case managers must have a minimum of seven years’ experience in their profession as we believe this time frame provides the appropriate amount of experience for working with our clients. It ensures you can refer to practical and theoretic experience as well as best practice within your profession.

Ideally our case managers also have experience of leading/supervising teams.

Specialist Knowledge

We work with people following catastrophic injury and need our case managers to be experienced in injuries such as Spinal Cord Injury, Acquired Brain Injury, amputation, Cerebral Palsy, complex orthopaedic injuries to name a few. You can view a full list in here.

Quality & Compliance

To ensure quality and compliance you must also be a member of your professional body and pass our vetting process which is in place to protect you, our clients and the customers we work with.

Where case managers work with vulnerable adults, children and young people, we also require them to be trained in safeguarding (level 3) which we can provide.

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