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There are more than 10 million people* in the UK living with long term pain. Through our extensive experience of catastrophic injury, we know all too well the limitations and challenges that long term pain can cause the people we support. Those challenges may present themselves in the inability and reluctance to engage in rehabilitation, health and mental wellbeing issues and concerns as well as a loss of hope.

It is for that reason that we offer our pain management programme within our case management service to engage and empower clients to self-manage their pain and ensure it does not hinder their recovery.

Our ethos is that pain doesn’t have to restrict a client from what they enjoy and tasks they need to carry out. Whilst we cannot cure pain, we believe that taking part in this programme gives the client back control.

* The British Pain Society, 2019

  • Why choose Bush & Co?
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Why choose Bush & Co?

Using us to support your client to use the Pain Management Plan means that:

  • the client will benefit from guidance from a case manager trained in using the Plan to its maximum potential which will ensure long-term, effective results;
  • the needs of the client will be understood in the context of the Plan and appropriately factored into existing and future rehabilitation goals;
  • our case managers will co-ordinate the necessary referrals and multi-disciplinary team support where relevant; and
  • you will receive a comprehensive report from the client’s case manager, keeping you informed of progress and you can speak to us at any time to understand the Plan in more detail.

How it works

The pain management programme combines the expertise of our trained case managers with an industry leading tool – The Pain Management Plan: How people living with pain found a better life. The tool was developed by NHS professionals and is recognised across clinical professions managing patients with chronic pain.

It is a three part programme that allows the client to progress at a steady pace (usually over a 12 week period), guiding individuals through setting their own pain management plan using goal setting, motivational and self-management techniques that have been used with success in many similar rehabilitation and self-management programmes.


Referrals can be made to the service following diagnosis of chronic pain, sometimes referred to as complex pain and must have support from the clients GP. Physiotherapy support, if applicable, is included in the Plan and the case manager will co-ordinate the implementation of the Plan including liaising with stakeholders and healthcare professionals as well as report writing.

The client’s case manager can explain more about whether the service is appropriate for them or you can speak to us direct to discuss the service in general.

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