Vocational Services
Resilience for a bright future

What we do

The vocational rehabilitation services we provide through our UK network of vocational case managers is well known for helping people following catastrophic injury to overcome barriers and support people through education, training, work and meaningful activity.

Our vocational case managers work closely with people to truly understand the issues they face and how they affect wellbeing and the ability to engage in rehabilitation. For us it’s about finding ways to overcome the challenges, adapting to the changes and compensating for the impairment.

We work with all ages of client because we believe that vocational rehabilitation should not just focus on those of a working age. We particularly pride ourselves on being able to help young people and equipping them with resilience, determination and a desire to work or learn so that they don’t miss out.

  • Access to expertise
  • Finding the right solution
  • Breaking down barriers
  • Enhancing the future workforce

Access to expertise

We have a team of vocational case managers across the UK and many more case managers who are trained and experienced in vocational assessments and transitional services.

As well as an extensive background in vocational rehabilitation, our case managers also come from backgrounds in sports science, psychology, occupational therapy and physiotherapy and so bring an understanding of the injury as well as the need to address education and employment barriers.

Finding the right solution

There are a number of ways we support people through education training or returning to the workplace and our vocational case managers know how to identify the right solution. We offer:

  • Vocational assessments
  • Career redirection assessments
  • Return to work assessments
  • Vocational case management
  • Job Seeking Support Programme
  • Young persons’ transition assessment

The assessment stage is important as we believe that early intervention and returning to work as soon as possible is key. Working, whether paid or unpaid, is good for a person’s health and wellbeing.  It contributes to happiness, helps build confidence and self-esteem and rewards financially.

A loss of income can make up a large proportion of any personal injury or compensation claim and in addition the client can suffer set backs on their rehabilitation journey if they have had to leave a job they loved, are self-employed or simply feel they can no longer add value.

We have a vocational service to solve every problem.

Breaking down barriers

Our vocational rehabilitation service is more than focusing on getting a person back to or in to work. For some clients their injury will mean that they are unable to return to the same job or even a paid job and so it’s important to look consider other opportunities such as career redirection, structured job seeking support, voluntary work placements and training.

During this process our vocational case managers are experienced in:

  • Reasonable adjustments to the environment, working pattern etc.
  • Accessing funding for additional support.
  • Advising employers and employees on working within the Equality Act 2010 framework and providing education to co-workers.
  • Working with the employer to understand the business need and where changes can be made for the benefit of all.

Enhancing the future workforce

Vocational rehabilitation is just as important for young adults (16-24) as it is for those adults who have lost a job following a catastrophic injury. We believe that if we invest in a person’s vocational rehabilitation early on then we help to create an engaged and diverse future workforce and provide hope, independence and a great work ethic amongst young people.

Our transitional service works with young adults to reintegrate them into further education, identify training opportunities post-injury and coaching them on the journey to their desired career post-education.

We work closely with schools, colleges and universities as well as apprentice firms, SENCOs and families to ensure the client’s needs are at the heart of their career development.

From the moment that you met us and more importantly our daughter, your outward and ‘can do anything’ attitude and persona was already apparent. Combined with your enthusiasm, determination, professionalism and experience, you were eventually able to not only help our daughter overcome some initial fears early on… but more importantly see what her potential could be in the future.

Client’s father, 2019


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