What is
case management?

What is case management?

If you search online for case management, you’ll find that it is described as:

“…a collaborative process which: assesses, plans, implements, co-ordinates, monitors and evaluates the options and services required to meet an individuals health, social care, educational and employment needs, using communication and available resources to promote quality cost effective outcomes.”
Case Management Society UK

At Bush & Co, our case managers follow the guidance of the Case Management Society UK and a number of other organisations and so what you can expect is someone who will:

  • assess you as an individual and your current and future needs;
  • put a plan in place based on these needs for a successful rehabilitation with clear, manageable goals included;
  • implement the plan alongside you to run at a pace you feel comfortable with;
  • monitor progress with you and respond to changing needs based on your injury; and
  • coordinate all the relevant care and support you need whether that be accessing statutory services, therapy and rehabilitation, financial support as well as education, vocational support hobbies and lifestyle choices.

Your case manager

  • What will they be like
  • How do I know they are right for me
  • Can I find out more
  • How will they treat me

What will they be like?

All our case managers are friendly and approachable and so you can be sure that you can be open with them and trust to support you and your needs. They are trained to look out for you and your best interests.

We only provide case managers with at least seven years’ experience in a clinical role and many have been with us for a long time and so are highly experienced at case management too.

Our case managers come from a wide range of professions so they we can always make sure you are supported by someone who understands your needs. You can click here for a list of professions and injuries that our network of case managers covers.

How do I know they are right for me?

There are a number of ways we match you to the right case manager – close to where you live is a key factor in helping ensure they will be right for you and understand the community you live in and the local services.

Your solicitor or insurer will ask us which case managers are available to support you in your local area and will give us other criteria to consider such as your age and your injury.

We offer ‘Meet & Greet’ sessions if you wish so you can meet the case managers selected for you before making a decision. Your case manager will become a big part of your life and so it’s important you are comfortable with them and their approach.

Can I find out more?

As well as having the opportunity to meet the case manager in person before you decide if they are the right person to handle your case, you can also view their online profile using our case manager search tool.

Just visit our homepage and select ‘Find a Bush & Co specialist’ then select ‘I’m looking for a specialist by their name’ and pick from the list. If you don’t know their name you can select ‘I’m looking for a case manager’ and then type in your postcode and find out who is located near to you.

You see a map with their pictures on and can click on each one to read about them, their experience and any testimonials people have written about them. You’ll also get to see what they look like before you meet them!

How will they treat me?

Our case managers will always:

  • work with you, ensuring your rehabilitation, care and support needs are always at the heart of every decision made;
  • provide information and support to when making important decisions such as rehabilitation plans, education, social and leisure etc;
  • behave with respect for you and your family;
  • act with passion and integrity;
  • work professionally with all involved individuals and services, gaining your consent before disclosing any information;
  • communicate all decisions, plans and outcomes with you and those significant parties in your network of support;
  • listen and give you the opportunity to ask questions.

My case manager was always there for me getting me everything I needed. Helped me through the low times and was always cheerful when we spoke or met. I wish to thank her for everything she did and getting me to where I am today.

Client, 2019


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