Case management
What to expect

What to expect

When your solicitor or insurer recommends case management, there will be a number of steps you need to go through before case management begins.

You may be given a number of CV’s to look at and these may be from other case management companies so that you have choice. CV’s from Bush & Co may include a picture of the case manager and will always have a biography explaining a little about them and their experience, their location and where we have them, a testimonial.

The steps following this are dependant on your injury but all clients will have a full assessment which is normally face-to-face. The assessment stage is important in understanding you as a person and you can read more about assessments on this page.

  • What Happens at a ‘meet and greet’
  • What happens at an assessment
  • What happens when case management begins

What happens at a ‘meet and greet’?

All clients (and their family, when working with children and young people) are able to meet the case managers put forward to them before a decision is made as to whether a Bush & Co case manager will be supporting you or not.

A meet and greet session gives you the opportunity to find out a little more about the case manager, what they are like to work with and what their skills and experience they have; after all it’s hard to get all of the information you need just from one online profile or CV.

A meet and greet is not mandatory however we believe they help you find the perfect match!

What Happens at an assessment?

During your assessment, your case manager will be looking to gather lots of information from you and they may ask lots of questions. This is nothing to worry about and is an important part of the case management process so try to be as open as possible. Your case manager is your advocate and the more they know, the more they can support you.

Your case manager will ask questions to understand what you were like before your injury and what your needs are now.

After the assessment they will use all this information to write a detailed report for the solicitor and/or the insurer which includes their recommendations as a professional.

What happens when case management begins?

Your case manager will visit you once case management begins and will review their report with you to check whether anything has changed since you last met.

They will talk through the recommendations they have made to check you are comfortable and will put a plan in place to focus on the key goals to work on; they may have made many recommendations and focusing on all these at once may be a little overwhelming so they will help break these down into achievable goals.

The goals may focus on your housing situation, your therapy needs, your education or where relevant return to work goals to name a few.

My case manager was extremely professional and understanding of my complex physical and psychological needs. She demonstrated a calm, pleasant mood at all times which was very helpful. Thank you for all your support at this difficult time.

Client, 2018


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