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Children &
Young People

Childhood is a precious time and when a child or young person suffers a catastrophic injury it’s paramount that they receive early intervention and support with their rehabilitation to ensure that childhood is as positive and fulfilled as it can be.

Our specialists in child and young people understand a child’s development, where they may need additional support through transition phases and the important role the family and carers play in sometimes very complex dynamics.

At Bush & Co our case managers who specialise in working with children and young people are hand-picked by our clinical management team. They are clinicians who are experienced in working with children following life-changing injuries, including ABI, SCI and limb loss and have robust, consolidated clinical skills having working in their specialism for some time. They have NHS and community experience and have an understanding of complex care.

When supporting our children and young people we make a number of adjustments to our relied upon and trusted services. These include:

  • A bespoke INA for children and young people which includes children focused outcome measures, developmental markers, considered use of language, certain functional assessments such as swallowing and feeding and some pictorial elements.
  • Tailored paediatric case management documentation including our Rehab Update Reports which share the voice of the child and not just the case manager’s report on circumstances, improvements etc. These tailored reports also include progress at school, family support and child focused goals such as riding a bike, picking up a games controller, playing with friends.

In doing so, our assessments and documentation for children and young people have meaning and don’t try to fit an online form or standardised report. This means children and young people are heard and are at the centre of all decisions affecting them. This also gives you as the legal team involved in the child’s life a true picture of them as a person whilst addressing fundamental areas important to the progress of paediatric cases.

In-house support for children and young people

Choosing to work with Bush & Co and our paediatric case managers means that you and your client have access to additional support under within one company, with clear and easy routes to:

  • Requesting behaviour support and intervention for the child and family through our behaviour team;
  • Support with transitioning through education and then into the workplace through our vocational team; and
  • Access to the Bush Care Solutions team when there is a complex care requirement for support workers or nurse-led care.

Our children and young people case managers are supported by a clinical management team who have long service clinically and as a case manager working with children. Our Head of Case Management is a Caldecott Guardian to protect the interests of all children and young people in our care and our Chief Medical Officer is a paediatric consultant with specialist knowledge and experience in trauma.

All of our clinical management team are trained in Safeguarding Level 4, with some roles having been trained to level 5.

Specialist paediatric knowledge

All paediatric case managers who join us to work with children and young people following catastrophic injury caused by personal injury or clinical negligence are able to join the Bush & Co Mentorship Programme. Within the clinical specialties programme, we deliver specific mentorship and CPD on children and young people’s case management which also includes self-directed learning, external CPD and self-reflection.

Bush & Co is proud of it’s partnership with the Child Brain Injury Trust and the joint venture service delivered to children, young people and their families following Acquired Brain Injury.

The service combines the skills, knowledge, experience and passion of two leading companies who share the same values; providing dedicated specialist paediatric case managers who can expertly provide access to rehabilitation and family support in one place.

Child Brain Injury Cases

If you have a child brain injury case and would like to benefit form specialist case management whilst, giving back to the Child Brain Injury Trust at no additional cost to you or your client then visit our dedicated child brain injury rehabilitation service site.

View Child Brain Injury Rehabilitation Service Website

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Managing the transition from child to adult services

Children and young people case managers at Bush & Co work closely with clients from as early as the age of 12 to prepare them and their families for the transition to adult health services, providing the psychological support needed and engaging the appropriate professionals to proactively initiate and organise transition plans.

Take a look at the importance of early planning when working with children and young people in our article by Debbie Edler, Case Manager and Registered Nurse.

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