Why choose us

Uncompromising commitment
When you choose Bush & Company you choose more than an expert witness service, you choose a highly professional organisation that is able to provide a quality service which meets cost budgets and required deadlines.

Our national team of rigorously recruited experts, cover a range of disciplines and undergo a comprehensive training programme with ongoing mentoring and support for all experts.

Big picture perspective

We understand that in order to deliver a service that is useful, relevant and complete, we take pride in ensuring that every case is delivered to you on time following a stringent quality control process.

Our bespoke case management IT system underpins the efficient running of Bush & Company’s services. It also ensures data security, a high priority, for which we have tight policies and procedures.

Stand out solutions – That also fit in

Bush & Company appreciate that every case is different and we demonstrate a willingness to find a cost effective solution for you to benefit from our wealth of experience and expertise however large or small.

Proven performance

After more than two decades of providing expert witness reports to the country’s leading lawyers, we know how to ensure a reliable service which meets our instructing parties needs.