Experts in orthopaedic injury & amputee management

By Bush & Company

As specialist providers of assessment, rehabilitation and management of people with severe and catastrophic injury, Bush & Company is able to offer the following services to clients or medico legal parties involved:

-Specialist assessment for quantum or rehabilitation purposes by specialists who have extensive working knowledge and experience of the range of available prosthetics for clients with upper, lower and multiple limb trauma and amputation;

Immediate needs assessment under the Rehabilitation Code;

Quantum assessments include Care, Occupational Therapy, Care and Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy, Architect and Assistive Technology;

-A proven track record in the provision of rehabilitation and support services to individuals with severe orthopaedic injuries and amputations over the short, medium and long term;

Vocational assessment and rehabilitation services, delivered by individuals who specialise with individuals with severe and catastrophic injury.

Our teams  of experienced case managers and expert witnesses are located across the country and specialise in assessing and supporting amputee clients and those sustaining orthopaedic injuries.

Use our simple consultant locator tool to find a case manager or expert witness with the relevant expertise.

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