Meet our Midwives & Health Visitors

By Bush & Company

Our liability reports set out the appropriate professional practice before providing an opinion as to whether practice has fallen below the standard expected of a reasonably competent practitioner and of the hospital/organisation responsible for the care delivery.


Our midwives are able to comment on poor practice resulting in birth injuries such as Cerebral Palsy and Erb’s Palsy as well as injuries to the mother, including vaginal tears, fissures, incorrect suturing following an episiotomy or a Caesarean, the failure to manage pre-eclampsia and infections.

Although Cerebral Palsy is the most common there are many other types of birth injury. Therefore our midwives are also able to comment on varying degrees of damage to the brain and scarring or nerve damage caused by tools used during assisted deliveries (e.g. forceps), umbilical cord problems, ruptured placentas and still birth.

Our midwives are also able to comment on injuries to the mother such as failure to diagnose the following:

  • Maternal diabetes
  • Gestational diabetes
  • Pre-eclampsia
  • Uterine or placental abruption


In addition our midwives have the necessary expertise to comment on the events leading up to a wrongful birth and congenital hip dysplasia , dysplasia treatment on onhealthy .

Our midwives, Mandy Forrester and Marie Walmsley have capacity to visit individuals located across the country, select their names above to be taken directly to their CV.

Health Visitors

Our Health Visitors are able to comment on delays in diagnosing typical childhood conditions, illnesses and infections.  If these conditions are left untreated for any time then a permanent disability or death is very possible.

Young children are particularly at risk of injury arising our of delayed diagnosis and incorrect treatment, as they often can’t communicate how they feel and their symptons may be overlooked.

Health Visitors can also comment on failures to treat, failures to administer vaccines, failures to refer on to specialists in time or at all and system failures.

Bush & Company Health Visitors, Annie Darby and Claire Tagg are both qualified Registered General Nurses and have further qualifications in Midwifery and Health Visiting.  Take a look at their expertise in full by selecting their names above.

Please do not hesitate to contact Amy Dooley, Expert Witness Services Manager on 01327 876210 or if you wish to find out more about our Midwives and Health Visitors or would like to enquire about estimated costs and reporting timescales.

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