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Occupational Therapy

In addition to providing care recommendations within the Care-OT expert reports, the occupational therapy experts at Bush & Co can provide detailed, Court compliant reports surrounding the specific occupational therapy needs of a Claimant, following an in-depth assessment at their home.

Our occupational therapy expert reports focus on the functional difficulties faced by a Claimant as a result of their injury, setting out what they require in order to optimise their independence, social integration and ability to undertake all of their activities of daily living. Recommendations regarding appropriate wheelchairs/seating and suitable vehicles including any adaptations necessary to manage their injury are provided within our occupational therapy reports, alongside up to date market costs and sources.

We are also able to provide ‘slim-line’ occupational therapy reports, which are non-Court compliant reports, providing instructing parties, whether Claimant or Defendant, with a steer on potential Heads of Loss for cases in the early stages of their claim cycle.

Our breadth of occupational therapy expertise enables us to provide occupational therapy expert reports for the following conditions:

  • Paediatric injuries; including Orthopaedic trauma, head and spinal injuries, birth injuries, developmental delay, sensory issues, meningitis, burns injuries and Amputations
  • Adult injuries; including Orthopaedic trauma, head and spinal injuries, cauda equina, peripheral nerve injuries, burns injuries, Amputations, hand/upper limb injuries, work-related injuries and sensory disabilities.

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