Read brave Seb’s story & find out how you can help stop such tragedies

By Bush & Company

Seb’s Story

Two years ago Seb, then aged 9, almost died when he fell out of a faulty door on a coach travelling at 60 mph on his way back from a mini Rugby tournament in Norfolk. He was dragged under the back wheel of the coach, and has suffered horrific and life changing injuries, which includes a brain injury and the amputation of his right leg at the thigh.

With tremendous bravery and the support of a loving family Seb continues to make a strong recovery; under the guidance of Scott Hodder Case Manager at Bush & Company.


Now his parents are demanding tougher rules for coach companies after they found out the 20-year-old double-decker had a number of serious faults, two of which led to the issue of immediate prohibition notices.  The below is a message from the Goolds inviting you to sign their E-petition and help prevent further incidents.


Please help us improve safety legislation for coaches so no more children get injured.

Two years ago our son almost died when he fell out of a faulty door on a coach at 60 mph. We have learnt many things during this time including the fact that the current safety legislation relating to coaches is deeply flawed. 

What is the problem?

  • Older coaches are not required to have the same safety features as newer coaches.
  • Operators can hide the true age of their coaches behind private number plates.
  • New legislative safety standards are typically only applied to coaches manufactured from the date the law is passed and do not need to be retro-fitted onto existing coaches.
  • One in five coaches on UK roads today does not have or need to have modern safety features under current legislation.

This is a terrifyingly dangerous combination that has to change and improved legislation is desperately needed.

What is the petition calling for?

We are specifically asking for the following:

  • If safety legislation is passed this should apply to all coaches, not just ones manufactured from that date and all coaches should be brought up to standard or decommissioned.
  • Operators should not be able to hide the age of their coaches behind private plates
  • When booking a coach there should be absolute transparency over the age of the coach, the level of safety equipment it has (or a system of safety rating) and the licence safety/compliance history of the operator.

Without the above you really have no idea what kind of coach your child is getting on or how safe it is!

What can you do?

We have launched a campaign to try to get the legislation changed and as a first step we are trying to get this matter debated in parliament. To do this we need to get 100,000 people to sign up to our e-petition.

Click Here to sign the petition and share news of this important campaign as widely as possible.

If you’d like to understand more about Seb’s story and why this campaign is needed then please follow the links below to articles written by newspapers recently.

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