Case Management Service

By developer
“In 2012, I was cycling when I was struck from behind by a car traveling at a high rate of speed. I sustained significant injuries, including a burst fracture of one vertebrae and a second fractured vertebrae. A case manager from Bush & Company was engaged to co-ordinate my rehabilitation. In response to my desire to work to return to my former level of peak athletic performance, my case manager brought in a specialist physiotherapist from Spinal Cord Injury Services Ltd.

My case manager and physiotherapist had decades of experience dealing with spinal injury patients between them, which was reflected in the care and attention I received from them throughout the entirety of our association. They treated me as a whole person and were concerned with every aspect of my recovery. I found it somewhat daunting navigating through the UK medical system and with everything they said and recommended, I never had to second guess or question. I knew I could move forward in my recovery because of the trust I had in their guidance.”

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