We are always interested to hear feedback from our clients, referrers and partners as we are committed to delivering the highest quality of service.
  • "Thank you to the expert and support staff at Bush & Company for all of their tremendous help on this case".
    Expert Witness Service – Defendant
  • "I was very impressed with content and layout of the report and would recommend this expert".
    Expert Witness Service – Claimant
  • "I find Bush & Company to be very professional, reliable and accommodating as a company.
    They have worked hard to solve any problems and accommodate timescale/deadlines". Expert Witness Service – Claimant
  • "Thank you for the extremely professional and courteous manner in which your expert carried out the review of my present accommodation.
    I must confess that I was somewhat nervous having never experienced this type of inspection before but the professional manner in which they conducted themselves soon put me at ease.  I would have no hesitation in recommending your service". Expert Witness Service – Client
  • "The Expert's evidence was invaluable in this case.
    Their contribution to expert discussions was extremely helpful in shaping the terms of the eventual settlement". Expert Witness Service – Claimant
  • "Expert was brilliant, she was very helpful in attending trial on all days requested and was great in the witness box"
    Expert Witness Service – Claimant
  • "Was very thorough in her report and extremely user friendly and knowledgeable.
    The joint statement was robust but reasonable and credible…Her input was invaluable and she communicated well with me, Counsel, other experts and the client. I highly recommend her and look forward to working with her again in the future." Expert Witness Service – Claimant
  • “I took over the case from another firm of solicitors. The litigation was already up and running, no core evidence had been obtained, and the claim put forward was very limited.
    The report meant I was able to revise the schedule of loss upwards from a few thousand pounds to over £300k! The case settled for £290k at a joint settlement meeting. Without involvement from Bush & Company the Claimant would probably have been lucky to get about £50-£60k.” Expert Witness Service – Claimant
  • “Joint report excellent. Secured concessions from claimant expert and established baseline for negotiations.
    Case settled at joint settlement meeting. More of the same please, first rate service. Very impressed!” Expert Witness Service – Defendant
  • “Expert was extremely helpful when I raised some complex issues about causation.
    She called to discuss and showed her expertise during the discussions.  I was left confident about the way we agreed to deal with the matter.” Expert Witness Service – Defendant
  • “We have found Bush & Company’s support, professionalism, advice and knowledge on this specialist subject invaluable.

    Their involvement has had a major impact on our 5 year old son and has given us, as a family confidence and light at the end of a very dark tunnel. This behavioural service has been invaluable to our son’s progress and quality of life now and for his future.”

    Behavioural Service
  • “I can't thank you enough for what you've done for me, I was in a state of limbo for a long time not knowing whether I was coming or going in terms of University.
    You pretty much found me as a broken puzzle and slowly helped to put each piece of the puzzle, back together, you've paved the way for me and I can only go upwards from here". Vocational Rehabilitation Service
  • “My vocational case manager has been invaluable to my studies and all of the related issues in the last few years. Our combined efforts reflect on my first year end of year results”.
    Vocational Rehabilitation Service
  • “I’d just like to say a big thank you for all of your help and support throughout the duration of my case.
    The way you have conducted yourself with me and my family has been both professional but also friendly, making the process much easier and adding sincerity to the advice given. I felt very comfortable with the action plans we put together as I got the feeling that they were very genuine towards my best interests. From me and my family we are very grateful”. Vocational Rehabilitation Service
  • "It was refreshing to receive a report following a vocational assessment that was realistic, practical and well thought out according to the client's needs and wishes".
    Vocational Rehabilitation Service
  • "There has been excellent input from the case manager on a joint basis.  They were proactive, approachable for the client and extremely knowledgeable in the injury sustained and the effect of the devastating injury upon their life.
    I would definitely refer clients to this case manager and Bush & Company again". Case Management Service
  • "The Case Managers I have worked with have all been very approachable, helpful and on the ball"
    Case Management Service
  • "Your case manager has really got to grips with the interplay between the 'legal side' and the 'case management' side of their role as we have worked together.

    They have shown themselves to be hugely competent and has been able to move matters along with only limited call on me and my time".

    Case Management Service
  • "Our case manager has not only acted in an incredibly professional way, but has also shown great compassion, I cannot recommend them highly enough"
    Case Management Service
  • "My client and their family are very happy with Bush & Company's case manager and trust them implicitly.
    This is a key aspect in a successful rehabilitation plan and case management in the same way that the patient must have a good relationship with their carers. My client has found their case managers input to be, in their words, 'a godsend'". Case Management Service
  • "We should like to place on record our grateful thanks to your whole team for your support and guidance over the past 4 years.
    There has been tremendous progress made for the benefit of our client and their family". Case Management Service
  • I have greatly valued your case managers input and they have always been calm and professional during the numerous tricky situations...a credit to your company".
    Case Management Service
  • "In 2012, I was cycling when I was struck from behind by a car traveling at a high rate of speed. I sustained significant injuries, including a burst fracture of one vertebrae and a second fractured vertebrae. A case manager from Bush & Company was engaged to co-ordinate my rehabilitation. In response to my desire to work to return to my former level of peak athletic performance, my case manager brought in a specialist physiotherapist from Spinal Cord Injury Services Ltd.

    My case manager and physiotherapist had decades of experience dealing with spinal injury patients between them, which was reflected in the care and attention I received from them throughout the entirety of our association. They treated me as a whole person and were concerned with every aspect of my recovery. I found it somewhat daunting navigating through the UK medical system and with everything they said and recommended, I never had to second guess or question. I knew I could move forward in my recovery because of the trust I had in their guidance."

    Case Management Service