Helping young people between 16-24 who have a disability, or experience barriers to progression as a result of trauma and/or social disadvantage, to engage in training, education or work.
Why Transitions?

Bush & Company recognise that young people face significant challenges when planning for further education, work or a career. A disability, mental health condition, experiene of trauma or social disadvantage can further limit or restrict access to work, education or training opportunities.

The ‘Transitions’ service is delivered by a nationwide team of highly skilled and experienced vocational case managers, with a wealth of experience and a track record of success in supporting young people back to further education, work or their chosen career after a serious and life changing injury or psychological trauma. Our individualised assessments and case management services are specifically catered for the needs of 16 to 24 year olds, with a focus on sustainable and appropriate career choices.

What does Transitions offer?
  • Individualised assessments to identify a career or work consistent with the young person’s interests and abilities.
  • Tailored programmes focussed on familiarisation with education opportunities and local labour markets
  • Learning support assessments conducted in the educational environment to help colleges/institutions identify and implement practical support for the young person to minimise the impact of a disability on the learning environment
  • Support a young person to engage in educational programs through the application of relevant medical assessment information such as a neuropsychologist assessment.
  • Combined behavioural and vocational services for those young people who need more specific guidance and support to progress by addressing psychosocial, emotional and behavioural challenges.

Transitions Case Studies

  • "David was involved in a RTA in May 2009 in which he sustained a brain injury and orthopaedic injuries.

    He sustained impairments with memory, concentration, speed of thought processing, word finding difficulties, fatigue, rigidity of thought and anxiety in stressful situations. David also experiences difficulties with self confidence, balance, coordination and orientation as he gets lost in unfamiliar surroundings. "

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  • "Susan, an international student was attending a college to complete her A levels, Susan had cerebral palsy since birth.

    Susan's college tutors has concerns around her ability to safely undertake routine laboratory tasks required as part of her 'A' levels in two Science subjects. Specifically, the college expressed concerns regarding Susan's health and safety within the learning environment, particularly in the science laboratories and so had restricted her attendance at practical experiments."

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