What we do

Helping people return to work

Bush & Company provide a range of assessments and services to support an individual to return to work following a catastrophic or life changing injury. We are able to assist a client to return to their pre-injury job, or transition into alternative employment or education if they are unable to return to their former occupation.

We provide;

  • Vocational assessments
  • Career redirection assessments
  • Return to work assessments
  • Vocational case management
  • Vocational employment expert reports
  • Job seeking support programmes

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Highly skilled and experienced vocational case managers

Our award winning vocational team have a range of specialist backgrounds including brain injury, mental health, armed services personnel, occupational psychology, occupational therapy, physiotherapy, ergonomics, organisational health and vocational counselling.

Individualised vocational rehabilitation services

We offer a complete range of vocational services from a vocational assessment, to employment and retention case management. Our vocational case managers utilise a Bio-psychosocial model to identify and address obstacles to a return to work in an efficient and cost effective manner.

A detailed ‘SMART’ action plan is developed with the client to ensure vocational intervention is provided in a timely and appropriate manner, leading to a return to work, education or training.

Return to work service
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