What we do

Early assessment for effective rehabilitation
Whether on a unilateral basis or under the 2015 Rehabilitation Code, Bush & Company offer one of the most comprehensive immediate needs assessment services in the UK.

Whilst specialists within the field of catastrophic injury, Bush & Company’s assessment service covers the whole range of injury level including triage, telephone and face to face assessments resulting in high quality, cost effective reports that outline clearly the injured party’s needs and associated rehabilitation and support costs.

An injured person may require a range of medical and non-medical treatment such as physiotherapy, counselling, occupational therapy, speech therapy and so forth to aid their progress.

We are committed to helping rehabilitate clients as quickly and safely as possible.

How does it work?

With geographically based adult and child disability specialist teams, Bush & Company is able to cover the full spectrum of assessment services across the moderate, severe and catastrophic injury levels.

Our immediate needs assessment details:

  • The extent of a person’s disabilities, including physical, cognitive and psychological factors
  • Outlines short term interventions needed to rehabilitate the person as quickly as possible
  • Outlines the individual goals and objectives that the client and case manager are working towards
How long does it take?

For those requiring face to face assessment we try wherever possible to comply with the 21 calendar day turnaround required under the Rehabilitation Code.  Within this 21 day period a face to face report will be undertaken and a full comprehensive report prepared and distributed to those who instruct us.