Court of Protection
Affordability, predictability, visibility

What we do

Bush & Co understands that when working for clients as a deputy post-settlement, it is essential to demonstrate that the financial decisions you make are in the best interests of the client and the funds you manage on their behalf are protected to provide for the future. Our service offers long term confidence through affordability, predictability and visibility.

We offer Court of Protection case management services, focusing on deputies and clients post-settlement. our combination of fixed fees and annualised case management hours, coupled with streamlined communication and billing, facilitates efficient accounting and reporting in line with best practice guidance.

Our case managers, who are trained to work on Court of Protection cases to manage costs, will provide an On-going Needs Assessment (ONA) to review and identify any needs the client may have and will make recommendations for the number of case management hours required flexibly over a year.

Once case management begins, our case managers will update the appropriate member of the Court of Protection team at agreed times on progress and activity.

Why choose Bush & Co

  • Knowledgeable
  • Value for money
  • Best practice


  • Appointment of a specialist case manager, specifically trained to work with deputies and a thorough understanding of Court of Protection protocols.
  • Access to a network of case managers who all have a minimum of seven years’ experience post-qualification and still work clinically to ensure they remain current.

Value for money

  • Case management hours (min. 48 annually) agreed and paid for up-front, in advance so both deputy and client know exactly how much it will cost and what to expect.
  • The option to set up and manage a client account on your behalf.

Best practice

  • Efficient and effective communication at the right time, at the right level.
  • Dedicated leadership and operational support bringing additional points of contact.

Let’s work together

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