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Our Immediate Needs Assessments (INA) are carried out face-to-face with your client to ensure we can assess the client fully in their daily environment and establish trust and empowerment.

They play an important role in understanding a persons’ circumstances, needs and barriers to rehabilitation so that you have a clear picture of their ongoing and future requirements and we can recommend the most suitable intervention for positive outcomes.

Despite the pandemic forcing case managers to carry out remote assessments where appropriate, face-to-face assessment will always be best practice at Bush & Co. The vast majority of time the INA takes place in the client’s home which gives the case manager the best opportunity to see their life and how they live.

Video or telephone assessments don’t give the opportunity to really see the true impact of their injury or condition; stacks of unopened mail because they’re struggling to cope remains unseen, seeing them make a cup of tea and how they can function in the home remains a missed opportunity and not making the trip to where they live makes understanding how isolated or connected they are difficult.

At Bush & Co we believe the INA is a blueprint for rehabilitation and for that reason needs to make a representation of the individual and their circumstances by way of a pen picture. It is about getting the best for the client but should have a balance of statutory and private provision, include sound clinical reasoning that follows NICE guidelines and include reasonable goals.

Our case manager will assess your client, for a number of factors within the INA to establish clear and effective recommendations. Throughout the whole of the assessment they will observe the injuries sustained, having reviewed any medical records provided.

They will identify certain issues or barriers for the client including mobility, pain management, sleep, speech, cognitive function and psychological challenges and in particular your INA report will include sections on:

  • Benefits/Financial
  • Functional Assessment
  • Cognitive Function
  • Psychological/Behavioural
  • Communication
  • Sleep/Fatigue
  • Work/Vocational/Education
  • Accommodation
  • Travel/Transport
  • Recreation/Domestic/Social
  • Care and Support
  • Case Management

Overall and secondary goals for the client will be clearly defined and whilst these will be revisited prior to ongoing case management beginning, give a clear overview of the priorities within rehabilitation.

Past medical history, any inpatient and community intervention to date and the client’s social situation will also be assessed.

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What to expect

Our INA’s all address and clarify the basis of reporting, setting out clear expectations against the letter of instruction.

Within each section of the INA, our case managers will recommend the intervention required, whether that be through statutory services or private provision, their rational based on their clinical knowledge and experience as well as NICE guidelines, the expected duration and anticipated costs. Where relevant they will also recommend certain providers and will detail this in the report.

Quality Assurance

All of our INAs go through a quality check internally prior to you receiving the report. These checks ensure the letter of instruction has been responded too and that all recommendations are based on sound clinical reasoning. We will not change the case manager’s recommendation however will discuss their reasoning and decision making where required.

These quality checks are carried out by our clinical management team who guide and support our case management network.

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