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Case Management Services
Results driven, care focused

Our UK-wide case management services have been established since 2005 and exist to support the thousands of clients’ lives we are able to transform and the hundreds of claimant, defendant and insurer relationships we hold.

We provide first class case management to enhance a client’s rehabilitation in a way that makes them feel supported with clear goals and you feel reassured on cost, quality and effective outcomes.

Our case management services support children from birth, young people and adults who have suffered catastrophic injuries through personal injury or clinical negligence.

The services we provide support both claimant and defendant parties during litigation to ensure clients’ needs are paramount to a successful resolution for all involved. Instructions are accepted as single or joint instructions under the Rehabilitation Code (2005).

The work we do centres on a solution focused, pragmatic approach steeped in goal setting, open and honest communication and clinical knowledge. Choosing to work with us means you can rely on some of the most experienced, focused and respectful case managers in the sector.

Children and Young People Service

At Bush & Co, we specialize in providing compassionate and comprehensive support for children and young people recovering from catastrophic injuries. Our expert paediatric case managers, selected for their extensive clinical experience in areas like Acquired Brain Injury, Spinal Cord Injury, and limb loss, offer tailored support focused on the unique developmental needs of each child.

Emphasizing early intervention, our services range from bespoke assessments to specialised rehabilitation and family support, ensuring a child-centric approach in every aspect of care. With strong in-house support teams for behavior, education, and complex care needs, and a partnership with the Child Brain Injury Trust, we are dedicated to making childhood as positive and fulfilling as possible despite life-changing challenges.

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Our Case Managers

Our team of dedicated case managers, who include nurses, physiotherapists, social workers, occupational therapists, and sports rehabilitation specialists, provide comprehensive care addressing the physical, psychological, and social needs of our clients.

Staying current with the latest clinical best practices and guidelines from authorities like NICE and Public Health England, they ensure the highest quality of care. Our case managers are also engaged in continuous professional development through clinical audits, peer networking, and mentorship programs under the leadership of Fiona Kenny, Head of Case Management and Rehabilitation.

This team is committed to rebuilding hope, relationships, and futures, firmly believing that a life-altering injury is not the end of the journey but a new beginning.

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Case Managers
Child Brain Injury Rehabilitation Service

Child Brain Injury Rehabilitation Service

Bush & Co is incredibly proud of its specialist case management service formed out of charity partnership.

The Child Brain injury Rehabilitation Service is made up of a UK-wide network of brain injury case managers specialising in working with children and young people and was launched following a joint venture partnership with the Child Brain Injury Trust set up in 2018. Whilst overall case management remains the same, our children and young people (paediatric) case managers are selected for their knowledge of brain injuries but also the way they work with and are sensitive the child and their family; navigating complex dynamics, addressing barriers and most importantly ensuring the voice of the child is heard.

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Working with clients following major trauma and catastrophic injury

Case managers can be a real life-line to people post injury and major trauma; a key figure to support with rehabilitation when life has changed beyond recognition.

Our case managers work with clients and solicitors during litigation as well as with a deputy and post-settlement. They will:

  • Assess a client’s needs, understand them pre-injury and identify their needs post-injury.
  • Put plans in place based on these needs for a successful rehabilitation programme with clear, manageable goals.
  • Implement the plans alongside the client (including the parent or carer of children and young people).
  • Coordinate the relevant care and support whether that be accessing statutory services, therapy and rehabilitation, financial support as well as educational needs, vocational support, hobbies and lifestyle choices; and
  • Monitor progress and respond to changing needs.

Working with Bush & Co means that clients have access to additional services in one place to provide continuity. Additional services include care solutions, vocational rehabilitation and behaviour support.

Meet and Greets

At Bush & Co we understand that getting to know a case manager is hugely important for you and your client and for that reason offer a ‘meet and greet’ session at no charge prior to instruction. We know this gives you the opportunity to find out more about the case manager, what they are like to work with and what skills and experience they have etc; after all it’s difficult to get all of the insight you need just from an online profile or CV.

Meet and greet appointments with clients and their families are not mandatory however are available to provide reassurance before choosing to work with Bush & Co.

Establishing a positive and enabling relationship within case management is important to ensure that realistic and meaningful goals are set and met but also that a person feels listened to, encouraged, respected and dignified.

To arrange a ‘meet and great’ session, please speak with our Enquiries team on 01327 876210 or email

Supporting the litigation process

Having a Bush & Co case manager on your team whether you are a claimant or defendant solicitor or insurer means that:

  • You have reassurance that the client’s physical, psychological and social needs are addressed; meaning you can focus on litigation.
  • There are agreed SMART goals in place, empowering targeted outcomes.
  • You receive regular updates through our Rehab Update Reports.
  • you have access to knowledge and expertise about the client’s injury and the challenges they may face.
  • You can be sure all clinical stakeholders and challenged and held to account through co-ordination and a true understanding of the needs of the client.
  • You have assigned accountability for the client’s rehabilitation.
  • There is a single point of access to added value service the client may require in their rehabilitation including care solutions, vocational rehabilitation and behaviour support

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