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An inquest aims to establish the circumstances of a person’s death, including when, where, and how it happened, for it to be officially registered. In seeking to examine the circumstances surrounding a death beyond the medical cause, a Coroner may need to appoint expert witnesses to assist in the process.

Inquest expert witness reports involve a systematic investigation into the events and circumstances surrounding a specific case, focusing on examining whether expected standards of care were met, and aiming to determine whether there was a breach of duty or a fall in professional standards that may have contributed to the outcome under investigation. This detailed examination serves to inform and guide legal proceedings, support families seeking answers, and contribute to the pursuit of accountability and improvement in professional practices.

Our coroner’s expert witnesses come from diverse clinical backgrounds, allowing us to assemble the precise specialist expertise needed to support any inquest case.

When engaged, our experts will:

  • Examine All Evidence

    We comprehensively review all witness statements, medical records, investigator reports and other documentation to gain a complete understanding of the circumstances surrounding the care leading up to the death.

  • Deliver Expert Reports

    Drawing on extensive medical knowledge, our experts present detailed reports that analyse any potential issues of negligence, mistreatment, or systemic failures that may have contributed to the death.

  • Provide Unbiased Testimony

    Our experts are experienced in providing clear testimony to coroners, solicitors, and other interested parties at inquest hearings. Their evidence aims to bring forth all relevant facts while clearly explaining complex medical concepts to non-medical audiences.

Bush & Co Expert Witnesses

Bush & Co's expert witnesses operate across various medical and healthcare professions and deliver exceptional support to clients to help navigate intricate inquests, bringing a range of expertise:

  • Proficiency in handling intricate inquest evidence and offering valuable perspectives on standards of care.
  • Following quality assurance principles and skills in scrutinising evidence, following legal protocols, and maintaining ethical standards while providing independent expert opinions.
  • Aptitude for delivering objective and detailed technical perspectives that can influence results in complex medico-legal cases.
  • Training in the relevant legal frameworks and procedural rule, composing concise reports, and being attentive to client requirements to enhance specialist clinical expertise.

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