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Social Responsibility

Giving something back

Giving something back is important to our employees, leaders and the many case managers and expert witnesses we work with across the UK.

That ‘something’ comes in many forms including fundraising, volunteering, charity events and partnerships with charities close to our heart. A natural quality of everyone at Bush & Co is that we care; we care about what we do and how we do it but how we can give more and use our skills and experience to make a difference.

The Child Brain Injury Trust

Our support of the Child Brain Injury Trust (CBIT) was cemented further in 2018 when we formed a charitable partnership to work together supporting children, young people and their families following Acquired Brain Injury.

This partnership resulted in forming a joint venture specialist service to provide case management to those who are involved in the personal injury or clinical negligence litigation process but the service does much more that provide case management.

For every referral to the service, Bush & Co make a charitable investment into CBIT for the length of the case management provision, which goes to support those children and families who are outside of the litigation process and need help and support from the charity’s support services.

Training and continuous learning is also common thread throughout the joint venture with CBIT.

Find out more about the Child Brain Injury Trust

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Our Purpose and the Environment

To own our individual responsibility for the environment so that we work in a culture of environmental awareness and change; enabling a sustainable future.

Across Bush & Co we have always been mindful of our impact on the environment and how we can off-set the emissions we generate as part of our business. Since 2018 we have been focusing more on the little things we can do to make a difference and our staff are committed to owning the impact they have. From our offices using 100% renewable energy to energy saving advice when working more from home through to recycling crisp packets and a reduction in plastic use there is still more we can do.

Offsetting our emissions

Our latest action is to do more to offset the emissions we generate and we are working with (More : Trees) to plant a tree in the areas with greatest need in Madagascar.

To launch the initiative, we have planted a tree in the name of every staff member and associate working with us with a goal to plant 500 trees year by planting more for certain achievements and milestones.

The trees we have planted to date result in 70.80 tonnes of CO2 sequestration which is the equivalent of 172,964.40 miles in a standard car.