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We can provide associate expert witnesses for vocational assessment and rehabilitation, commenting on the specific work-related challenges faced by individuals who have complex medical conditions and associated health barriers.

Our bespoke vocational expert witness reports will carefully identify the occupational and educational difficulties which are met due to functional incapacity, outlining any specific rehabilitation and training needs required, whilst considering any transferable skills and reasonable alternative roles which may help to find a suitable solution for those involved.

Our associate expert witnesses bring a wealth of experience to their reports having worked with some of the UK’s largest vocational rehabilitation providers, the Military and across various sizes of UK-based companies. As such, we can provide vocational expertise which is both broad and comprehensive, based on many years’ experience in supporting clients and work-places.

A complete service

We are also experienced in mental health and learning disabilities that present in those we work with and the complex behaviours that can challenge people following catastrophic injury.

Our services include:

  • Assessment
  • Case Management
  • Vocational rehabilitation and support
  • Behaviour therapy
  • Employment support
  • Pain management
  • Court of Protection specific services
  • Expert Witness reports

All of these services begin with appropriate and comprehensive needs assessment by experienced clinical professionals.

Hannah Giles

Hannah is a seasoned Vocational Rehabilitation Professional with over a decade of experience working with diverse clients with complex needs. Her expertise spans various areas including physical disability, mental health, learning disabilities, and brain injury.

Throughout her career, Hannah has provided consultancy to major employers like BT and Marks and Spencer, as well as smaller enterprises, offering guidance on Equality Act compliance and workplace adjustments. She has also conducted disability awareness training for individuals and groups, including managers.

Working as UK Operations Manager for two of the UK’s largest Vocational Rehabilitation providers, including management of several teams of Consultants delivering Vocational Assessment and Case Management Services across a number of specialist retention, transition and return to work contracts.

Through this experience of managing Vocational Rehabilitation services Hannah has supervised, developed and delivered training to many staff working within this sector, and serviced contracts with employers, the medico-legal sector and the Military. This compliments her hands on experience of assessing and case managing clients, which has been gained in both welfare to work and private referral settings.

Hannah has spent significant time working with Wounded, Injured and Sick (WIS) Service Personnel and Veterans. She worked integrally with the Defence Recovery Capability programme to develop a bespoke vocational assessment package and delivered and developed this provision as a key part of the recovery pathway for WIS personnel requiring transition into civilian occupations.

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