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Case Managers

At Bush & Co Care Solutions we provide peace of mind with direct employment of support workers and nurse-led packages as a CQC registered service. From sourcing candidates and seamless onboarding to comprehensive training and ongoing supervision, our team is dedicated to ensuring that care staff are fully equipped to deliver exceptional support. We handle essential aspects including:


  • Recruitment advertising
  • Interview support
  • Onboarding
  • Payroll and pensions
  • Employee relations including abscence management
  • Leaver processing

Care Support and Management

  • Care planning and care reviews
  • Supervision
  • Medication management
  • Nursing
  • Rotas
  • Family liason

Clinical Governance

  • Vlinical training
  • Competency sign-off
  • Risk assessment
  • Training support
  • Annual case audits
  • Safeguarding

Our Care Managers

Our experienced team of care managers offer a range of tailored support solutions to assist you as an independent case manager in overseeing cost-effective, well-led and safe care packages for a fixed fee. This allows you to concentrate on your clients' rehabilitation while offering them the reassurance and confidence they need as an 'employer'.

Case study: A calm and steady pace

At Bush & Co Care Solutions we work with many young people who are extremely resistant to external support and much, if not all, of the care is provided by the family. We find this can be attributed to a number of reasons including the trauma from an accident, fear of safety or sometimes even typical adolescent behaviour, as they not only transition through childhood but do so following trauma and managing all the emotions and concerns that can bring.

When all the care a young person needs is provided by the family, this can create several concerns, such as stress, anxiety, and feelings of overwhelm. For family members, becoming a full-time carer as well as a parent or relative, in addition to an employer of support workers and/or nurses, is a dramatic shift. We find parents in particular struggle with having to adopt several new roles on top of simply being mum or dad and watching the family dynamic they once knew become unrecognisable.

When external support is resisted, this can put undue pressure on both the family and the external case manager involved.

If a case manager is in place, their primary role is to manage rehabilitation for the young person, manage the MDT, and support the family. However, in so many cases, they also serve as the main point of contact for the young person and their family. When care management needs are added to that, it’s our experience that external care management can provide much-needed support and resource for all involved.

Our care managers work with external case managers to recruit care teams of various sizes, including full care teams for the provision of 2:1 support. They then become the first point of contact for the staff and manage care planning, while risk assessing supervision and employee relations/HR management. This gives case managers the confidence that care management is safe, effective, caring, well-led, and responsive.

However, our care managers bring much more to the young person, the family, and their case manager than just practical support. They find unique and individual approaches and when young people are resistant to external support, they find a safe way to navigate through the challenges. A good and effective approach is to work closely with schools and provide assistance in an education setting. Young people are often receptive to this approach, as school is a structured environment where support is expected. Conversely, external support within the family home can feel threatening, different, and unnatural.

After care management needs have been supported within the education setting, our experience suggests that in time and once trust is built, the resistance to support in the home, including the presence of support workers, disappears, enabling the young person to be fully supported in the home.

Successful care delivery relies on a combination of factors that includes a good relationship between the case manager and care manager, respect for the family dynamic alongside the client’s care needs, space to listen and talk, and a careful pace alongside MDT collaboration.

The wider care solutions team

Bush & Co Care Solutions is registered with the Care Quality Commission (CQC) and maintains a ‘Good’ rating by the regulator with no areas for improvement. As we continue to grow, the consistent ‘Good’ rating shows that, despite significant growth, there has been no compromise on the service we deliver and we continue to be recognised for delivering safe, effective, caring, responsive and well-led care in the home.

Emma Robinson

Business Development Manager

We’re so pleased with our recent CQC rating of good, across all areas of the inspection. For me, what’s most important is that despite huge growth across the service over the past 12 months, at no point has that growth compromised the standard of care we provide and how our clients feel they are cared for. It’s a source of great pride and is ingrained in every decision we make. As well as the CQC’s comments, to be recognised by our clients for keeping them safe, enabling them to be at ease in their home and caring for their needs is an honour. Jo Wilkins, Head of Care Support Services

Jo Wilkins

Head of Care Support Services

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