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Podiatry Reports

Bush & Co has provided podiatry expert opinion reports for cases involving both personal injury and clinical negligence claims. Foot and lower limb health plays an important role in a person’s independence. At Bush & Co we recognise that a serious medical condition can both directly and indirectly affect foot and lower limb health which can have serious ramifications on their future functional mobility.

Podiatry expert witness reports can deliver an objective comprehensive opinion based on a thorough clinical assessment and evaluation of a person’s injuries and subsequent foot/ mobility conditions.

Our expert podiatrist is trained to undertake condition and prognosis quantum evaluations in both feet and lower limb conditions and injuries.

They are experienced in:

  • The management of vascular disease
  • Osteomyelitis
  • Diabetic foot ulcers
  • Complex ankle and lower limb fractures
  • Altered mobility and biomechanics
  • Arthritis

The role of the foot in overall health

Feet are the foundations of our bodies and play an important role in our overall health and when looked after properly, they can keep more serious medical conditions from developing and impacting quality of life. A foot condition or injury can contribute to poor health in other parts of the body, including;

  • Back and joint pain can develop from foot issues or injuries such as tendonitis or stress fractures, which may result in changes to walking patterns that adds stress to other areas
  • Poor posture / altered biomechanics can also be a result of changes to walking patterns caused by feet issues
  • Issues that originate in the feet can travel up the ankles, shins, knees, and lower legs and cause discomfort, pain, and muscle weakness and reduced independence
  • Athlete’s foot infections can spread and cause skin conditions in other parts of the body

Common issues originating in the feet can potentially have a significant impact on our everyday lives and if neglected, can have serious long-term health implications. Podiatrists are specialists in identifying and managing injuries and conditions which may first manifest in the feet and our podiatrist expert witness reports deliver objective opinion based on a thorough assessment and evaluation of the injuries sustained or condition present.

Foot health is an integral part in the management of diabetes, with clients having a diabetic foot ulcer at risk of facing Amputation or experiencing vascular disease if specialist intervention is not sought. Infections can also develop if toenails are not properly looked after, and these infections can attack the bones of the feet and result in potentially serious ramifications.

As highly skilled allied health professionals, podiatrists have an input into the effective rehabilitation and management of conditions throughout the body. Knee, back, hip, leg length discrepancy, arthritic pain, indigestion, headache, and stress can all be traced back to problems with the foot and are common to podiatry specialists among clients of all ages.

Our experienced associate podiatrist expert witness works with clients to assess conditions related to feet or lower limbs before providing objective opinion on a comprehensive treatment plan to restore or manage function and mobility, delivering a written report that covers cases ranging from nail surgery to musculoskeletal and sporting injuries.

Chelsea Tritschler

Chelsea is a specialist podiatrist dealing with all manner of conditions affecting foot health and the wider impact this has on the rest of the body. She has excellent knowledge of a variety of musculoskeletal conditions affecting all ages and a special interest in diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis and cardiovascular disease, how these directly affect foot health and their impact on a person’s lifestyle, medical conditions and mental health. She is experienced in managing musculoskeletal conditions and as such is able to carry out gait analysis and screen for congenital and acquired skeletal alignment issues. As part of her podiatric management of musculoskeletal conditions, she is often required to provide corrective foot orthoses/insoles to manage biomechanical issues which have arisen as a result of underlying foot/ankle disorders.

In addition to providing both clinic and community-based podiatry, Chelsea is able to carry out podiatric assessment and treatment within challenging environments.

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