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Gratuitous Care Payment

When a loved one suffers a serious injury or is living with a disability requiring long-term care, families often take on hugely demanding roles as unpaid caregivers. Gratuitous Care Payments are payments provided to family members or friends who deliver a care role which can ease the carer’s own financial situation and enable them to continue to provide care.

This type of payment acknowledges the significant support that enables the recipient to remain in the home, with the tasks involved diverse and tailored to the individual's needs. The critical thing is, without this assistance, the individual may require professional care or relocation to a specialised facility.

Gratuitous Care Payment reports from Bush & Co outline the financial support provided to caregivers or family members and are used to document and justify the allocation of funds for the care and support of a family member with specific needs.

Choosing to use Bush & Co to review gratuitous care means a deputy receives an impartial review in ensuring transparency and accountability in the disbursement of funds and that the caregiver receives appropriate payment for the care they provide.

Our Expertise

Our care expert witnesses ensure objective quantification of the true financial implications and sacrifices made by families when caring for an injured or disabled family member through a Gratuitous Care assessment. Our expert witnesses have extensive experience evaluating and calculating appropriate compensatory payments for families undertaking care duties that would otherwise require professional services. We consider all factors including:

  • Care Services Rendered
    • We quantify the value of support based on professional market rates by calculating the reasonable costs of professional care services that need to be provided by family or friends.
    • We review important factors such as who owns the home and when care is provided (for example, outside of school hours) to ensure costs reflect the level of care provided by the family.
  • Functional Assessments

    Our care experts conduct in-depth evaluations to:

    • Assess the level of functional impairment or disabilities resulting from the individual’s injuries or condition.
    • Determine what care, assistance, and support is required and approximate cost valuations.

Bush & Co Expert Witnesses

Bush & Co provides authoritative and impartial expert witness services across a wide range of legal matters, leveraging the specialised expertise to:

  • Apply extensive clinical experience from diverse clinical and healthcare disciplines and specialisations to the delivery of authoritative and insightful analyses.
  • Maintain a firm commitment to impartiality and independence to ensure deputies can rely on receiving unbiased, evidence-based opinions and assessments.
  • Perform thorough examinations of all relevant records, documentation, and evidence to produce reports that demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of case facts and nuances.
  • Be attentive and responsive to each client's unique needs, providing clear communication and striving to make complex issues understandable.

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