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Criminal expert witness reports play a critical role in legal proceedings by providing professional opinions and insights on complex criminal cases. These reports are prepared by experienced experts who possess specialised clinical knowledge and skills relevant to the specific aspects of the case.

Following accusations of criminal negligence or malpractice made against a clinician, criminal expert witnesses are tasked with analysing evidence, offering expert opinions, and providing clarity on the requisite standards of healthcare practice and any technical or specialised areas of healthcare that may be pivotal to the case. Expert witness reports aim to assist courts in understanding complicated medical cases and are drafted to uphold the highest standards of accuracy, objectivity, and professionalism to serve as valuable resources in the resolution of criminal cases.

Clinical Expertise

Criminal cases involving allegations of medical malpractice, neglect, or abuse can have devastating consequences. Whether for the prosecution or defence, having access to authoritative and objective medical expertise is crucial.

Our team of distinguished clinical experts provides comprehensive criminal expert witness support from initial investigations through to trial proceedings. Our experts understand their requirements under the Criminal Procedure Rules and associated legal frameworks to ensure all medical evidence and testimony is robust, ethical and capable of withstanding rigorous scrutiny.

Myra Robson


Professional Support

Our criminal expert witnesses span a wide range of clinical disciplines including surgery, nursing, mental health, and paediatrics, enabling us to provide the specific medical insights relevant to the case. Under instruction from claimant lawyers, enforcement agencies or defendants, our experts will:

  • Conduct In-Depth Reviews

    We carefully examine all medical documentation, diagnostic test results, clinical notes, and other records to identify any crucial facts, inconsistencies or areas of potential clinical negligence and inappropriate or criminal behaviour.

  • Deliver Expert Reports

    Our experts author detailed reports that objectively analyse complex medical issues, identify key issues surrounding the clinical care provided, and give expert opinions on expected and professional standards of care.

  • Provide Testimony at Trial

    Our experts are experienced in providing clear court testimony that explains key medical concepts, so all parties involved have a comprehensive understanding of the evidence and expert opinion.

  • Assess Criminal Liability

    For cases hinging on criminal negligence allegations, our reports give a definitive opinion on whether actions or omissions constitute criminal conduct under the legal threshold.

Helen Fakoya


Bush & Co Expert Witnesses

Bush & Co's expert witnesses are experienced healthcare professionals who deliver independent, objective expertise to support challenging and complex criminal cases:

  • Experienced in handling intricate evidence and offering professional insights on standards of care.
  • Adhering to quality assurance standards and applying expertise to analyse evidence, observe legal protocols, and maintain ethical standards when offering an objective expert opinion.
  • Abilities to deliver unbiased and considered views that can impact results in complex medico-legal cases.
  • Extensive training in legal procedural rules and frameworks, report writing, and attending to client needs whilst upholding standards in specialist clinical capability.

Find An Associate

Finding the right medico-legal expert to support your criminal case may be complex and we encourage you to contact us to discuss the right expert witnesses for the case.

Not only can we help you choose the right clinician, we can also discuss Court experience, the individual’s skills and knowledge and the small details you may be looking to address in such complex and sensitive cases.

Contact Cathy Preston, Head of Medico-Legal at to discuss your needs further.

Cathy Preston

Head of Medico-Legal