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Loss of Service

Dependency and Loss of Service Reports

At Bush & Co we have a team of highly experienced associate expert witnesses who prepare detailed Dependency and Loss of Service reports within complex and sensitive cases. We are renowned for providing robust and meticulous reports within this niche area for both clinical negligence and personal injury claims to both claimant and defendant solicitors.

Our associate expert witnesses understand the specific legal principles underpinning Loss of Service cases and at the point of instruction, clarification is sought to confirm with the instructing party the basis on which costings are to be provided, in line with Knauer v Ministry of Justice [2016].

In particular, our associate expert witnesses will recommend how services can reasonably be replaced and will give consideration to the longevity of child dependency which is rationalised throughout.

Assessment can be carried out during a face-to-face meeting or via an online meeting. Following assessment, the Heads of Loss detailed in the report includes, but is not exclusive to: past care, childcare (up to the end of full-time education), domestic services, household management, travel and car maintenance, DIY, gardening and pet care. Ancillary claims are evaluated on an individual basis.

Our Associate Expert Witnesses

We provide bespoke Dependency and Loss of Service education and training to our established care experts and deliver regular refresher training and legal updates in this area; training on pertinent case law is provided so that experts can provide a nuanced approach in respect of Dependency and Loss of Service cases.

In addition, Bush & Co offer Expert Masterclasses in Dependency and Loss of Service report writing.

You can read more about some of the associate expert witnesses within our network who can deliver Dependency and Loss of Service reports below or visit our search tool.

Our reports available to you

  • Adult deceased
  • Adult deceased with dependents/children
  • Adult deceased with dependents/children with a disability or special needs
  • Adult deceased with delayed diagnosis incurring quantum past care

In addition, we can provide a combined Care and Loss of Service report, dealing with the care provided to the deceased up to the point of death, with loss of service considered thereafter.

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