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Embrace Behaviour Therapy
for Personal Growth and Healing

Every action we take is a powerful form of communication. Our behaviour therapy services are dedicated to helping individuals whose behaviour is currently hindering their ability to fully engage in the rehabilitation process. We understand the immense impact behaviour has on personal growth, establishing meaningful goals, and fostering healthy relationships.

Our team of compassionate and experienced behaviour specialists works closely with our clinical case managers and multidisciplinary teams. Together, we encompass a diverse range of professionals, including integrative psychotherapists and counsellors, creative arts therapists, cognitive behaviour therapy specialists, family conference coordinators, therapy practitioners, and education specialists. We believe a holistic approach is key to unlocking everyone’s potential.

Our service goes beyond assessing behaviour; we implement and deliver comprehensive support that addresses the social, emotional, cognitive, and physical factors influencing a person's actions. By partnering with esteemed neuropsychology teams nationwide, we combine our expertise to create personalised treatment plans.

When choosing our behaviour therapy service, clients are not just embarking on a journey of healing and growth; they're joining a caring community committed to supporting every step of the way. Together, we'll work towards achieving positive and lasting transformations in your life.

Comprehensive Assessment

We believe in a process that truly delves into the unique needs and aspirations of each individual. We aim to identify any obstacles that may hinder the path to success and work collaboratively to help people achieve personal goals.

To gain a deep understanding of each situation, we take an observational approach, examining people’s home environment, social interactions, and if applicable, their school or college setting. In addition, we conduct 1-2-1 informal interviews, allowing us to hear thoughts and perspectives first-hand. We also value input from family, teachers, peer groups, and friends, as their insights contribute to a well-rounded assessment.

Furthermore, we engage in open and meaningful discussions with our multidisciplinary team, which includes occupational therapists, speech and language therapists, psychology professionals, and physiotherapists. By collaborating with these experts, we ensure a holistic understanding of individual circumstances.

Following this comprehensive assessment, our dedicated behaviour specialists provide a detailed report, highlighting our findings and offering tailored recommendations to address any inappropriate behaviour. We believe that through this thorough process, we can pave the way for positive and transformative life changes.

Unlocking Potential

Every individual, even those with similar injuries, presents their behaviour in distinct ways. That's why we take pride in our ability to find the right approach for each person, tailored to their specific needs, that helps them navigate their challenges and find effective coping mechanisms.

We understand that inappropriate behaviour can serve as a language of its own, but that it’s often misunderstood and in need of translation. That's where our expertise comes in. Our dedicated 1-2-1 support allows us to get to know our clients on a deeper level, enabling us to design bespoke packages that target areas such as self-esteem, re-engagement, and positive rehabilitation outcomes.

We retain a focus on the individual and their unique set of strengths and challenges. Together, we embark on a journey of discovery, understanding, and growth, unlocking a person’s full potential and supporting them every step of the way as we work towards enhancing their self-esteem and rekindling their sense of purpose.

Fostering Positive Connections and Empowering Expression

We prioritise building positive relationships and keeping our focus firmly on the client. We understand that communication isn't always limited to spoken words, but through creative art therapy, we can tap into the unspoken language that can reveal so much about a person's inner world.

This approach benefits individuals who struggle to articulate their thoughts, feelings, and experiences due to fear, anger, or limited capacity. It also extends to children who are still developing their emotional communication skills. Creative art therapy provides a safe and expressive outlet, allowing individuals to communicate in ways that go beyond words, unlocking a deeper understanding of their needs and aspirations.

In addition to fostering positive behaviour through creative expression, we actively collaborate with support services and contribute to Education Health Care Plans. By working together with these resources, we ensure a holistic and comprehensive support system that promotes positive behaviour and growth.

Our service offers a warm and engaging environment, where we value everyone’s unique voice and empower them to express themselves authentically. We believe that by nurturing positive connections, exploring creative avenues, and collaborating with support networks, we can help clients on their journey towards a more fulfilling and empowered life.

Supporting the Whole Family Through Challenging Times

Behaviour doesn't exist in a vacuum and has a profound impact on everyone involved, particularly when a catastrophic injury occurs. Such life-altering events can reverberate through the entire family and support network, causing significant emotional and psychological challenges.

We believe that for individuals to rebuild their lives successfully after a catastrophic injury, support for the entire family is essential. That's why we embrace a holistic approach that encompasses training for families, support teams, and the broader multidisciplinary network.

We're not just here for the individual; we're here for the entire family. Our team understands the challenges faced by many clients and is committed to providing the support, guidance, and resources necessary to navigate this journey together and help rebuild, heal, and cultivate a stronger, more resilient family unit.

To foster open and healthy communication within the family, we offer mediation and counselling services, creating a safe space where family members can freely express their thoughts and feelings without fear of upsetting or angering one another. Through these facilitated discussions, we equip families with the tools and techniques needed to support the client effectively while also building resilience and cultivating a positive outlook.