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Care Management: When Care and Case Management Work Hand in Hand

A key benefit to care and case management being under one brand at Bush & Co is the ability to provide the right skills at the right time in order to place the client at the centre of decision making and to ensure funds are spent on behalf of the client in a cost-effective and transparent way.

Care managers within Bush Care Solutions work closely with case managers for the best outcomes when direct employment is in place.

Nichola Stokes, Case Manager, was managing the care and case management for one client in particular and was asked to look at ways to identify cost-containment within the care package. Considering how costs could be better managed, Nicola approached Bush Care Solutions and a package was put in place which resulted in a reduction in case management costs and a fixed fee, more cost-effective package for care was implemented.

Danielle Marchant, Care Manager at Bush Care Solutions, shares how this worked in practice.

“Nichola is an experienced and highly effective case manager with a passion for working closely with deputies and solicitors which placing her clients at the centre of every recommendation, intervention and support. On this particular case, Nichole was overseeing all elements of care as well as managing the client’s rehabilitation pathway.

“She was approached by the deputy to look at ways to save money for the client and what solutions she had for minimizing costs. It was a classic case of identifying case management fees versus care management fees and where efficiencies can be made.

“We discussed if care support could be primarily managed by me as a care manager, meaning case manager intervention at a higher cost reduced and Nichola was able to us her time effectively to focus on proactive rehabilitation. We offered a fixed fee package for the management of care which now includes care planning, risk assessment reviews, overseeing rotas, staff supervision and liaising with the care agency – this case has an added complexity of a mixture of direct employment and two additional agency support workers.

 “From my perspective I’m really happy with how things are and Danielle becoming involved has lifted this aspect of the case load off me…” Nichola Stokes, Case Manager

There are many benefits to both a standalone care management approach and a blend of expertise covering both care and rehabilitation. Danielle lives and breathes the benefits of having the right skills in place at the most appropriate time for the benefit of everyone involved.

“Support workers can be demanding of time and it can be an ongoing juggle of managing needs, retention, family and carer dynamics, CQC expectations, training and more. Person centred care plans need to be in place and understood by all right from the outset. It works so well when everyone understands their role and the safety, funds and dignity of the client are protected.”