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Desktop assessments to keep your cases moving forward

We'd like to reassure you that Bush & Co remains committed to providing you with dedicated expert witnesses for your quantum and liability reporting needs as we all navigate our way through COVID-19.

Where face-to-face assessment is not currently available, we offer video conferencing through whichever programme your client is comfortable with and follow up with a comprehensive report; with the option for a face-to-face assessment once the UK is out of lock down. If your client does not have access to technology we can provide secure tablets for assessment.

This is available across all quantum report types and ensures we can help you move your cases along; providing certainty in uncertain times.

Keep in touch

Get in touch today to find out about desktop assessments, the use of our secure tablets or to find out more about Expert Witness services at Bush & Co.

Amey Haywood - Head of Expert Witness | 01327 876210

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