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Major Trauma Signposting Partnership commend Bush & Co in latest audit

Following a recent Code of Conduct audit of our case management and rehabilitation service, the Major Trauma Signposting Partnership (MTSP) has commended Bush & Co for their strengths in a number of areas when managing their clients.

The MTSP commented that Bush & Co demonstrated strengths in numerous areas including case management practices, documentation, case manager training/the onboarding process and in dealing with consent and privacy. They also commented that our data security is to a high standard as is our peer review process, outcomes review and use of client feedback.

We’re also delighted to say that the MTSP felt our efforts to work with associates are of the same standard as employed case managers, despite the challenges this presents in compliance with IR35 and were impressed with our efforts to engage with other parties in the rehabilitation programme.

Fiona Kenny, Head of Case Management and Rehabilitation said:

“Receiving such positive comments from the Major Trauma Signposting Partnership in respect of the clients we support for them and our operational practices was fantastic. The people within Bush & Co and our associate case managers work extremely hard to provide the level of care and support that every single person deserves and this recognition is testament to that hard work and care.”

The Major Trauma Signposting Partnership is now operating at seven NHS Major Trauma Centres with Bush & Co supporting patients at all of these sites.

About the Major Trauma Signposting Partnership

The Major Trauma Signposting Partnership (MTSP) is a scheme developed by Cardinal Management and St George’s University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.  The service went live in January 2016 with the aim of testing the impact of early advice and guidance from Citizens Advice  (formally the “CAB”) and Rehabilitation Advisers on the quality of care and longer term outcomes for patients, the NHS and our wider society.

For victims of major trauma, their rehabilitation and recovery is usually more complex than simply overcoming the health and medical issues.  Patients experience many problems such as employment, finances, transportation, education, housing and compensation all of which can impact their ability to make a full recovery.

By working in partnership with the NHS, the CA and the personal injury community, the MTSP will test whether better clinical outcomes can be achieved for the victims of major trauma through a coordinated and proactive approach to the provision of early welfare advice on socio-economic issues and rehabilitation via the personal injury process.