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What role can we play in educating ourselves and supporting Black Lives Matter?

The Black Lives Matter Movement is nothing new; it started back in 2013 following the death of a teenage boy called Trayvon Martin. However, in recent months ‘Black Lives Matter’ has become an important way for people to show their support for members of the black community who have faced discrimination because of the colour of their skin.

At Bush & Co we’ve been educating ourselves on the movement and the challenges people face in the workplace, the community and the effects this has on our society as a whole. Through this education we’ve acknowledged we cannot change everything but we can take ownership of making a difference. One of the ways we are working to make a difference is to be mindful of where we spend our money when buying staff, consultant and customer gifts and incentives.

The internet is full of large, faceless businesses selling promotional items, gifts and incentives but we’ve made a switch to support small, local and independent businesses as well as black owned businesses. Helen Jackson, Managing Director said:

“It’s within our power to make small changes and what we have found is that there are some amazing black owned businesses out there with inspiring stories to tell.

“We’ve purchased from a student who saw a need for a mindset planner while at university and set up her business Amanthis Stationery, producing inspiring journals, notepads and stationery which are simply beautiful. The Master Mindset diary was ‘created to be the ultimate tool to help people to manage their time effectively and lead goal-oriented lives’ – something we could all benefit from.

“We’re also working with Shimirose, a London based, black owned beauty brand. Not only are their products handmade, vegan and cruelty free, their products are sourced from Ghana where they work with a local company within a longstanding community of women ensuring women and their families working on the farm are paid a fair price.”

It may only be the start but supporting independent black owned businesses is one of the many ways we can all support Black Lives Matter. We’re certainly more enriched and aware of the struggles, discrimination and hurt but also the mountains that are being moved.