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Case Manager Meet & Greet Appointments: Making the Right Choice

Courtesy Case Manager Meet & Greet Appointments from Bush & Co

Did you know at Bush & Co we offer courtesy meet and greet appointments with our rehabilitation case managers for you and your client? After all it can sometimes be hard to get all of the information you need from an online profile or CV.

Currently with so much uncertainty around us we want to make your client feel as comfortable as possible as they enter an unfamiliar world of case management following a serious or catastrophic injury. Whilst meet and greet appointments are not mandatory we believe they can really help clients to find the perfect match.

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Why are case manager meet & greet appointments useful?

  • They allow your client and their family to meet with prospective case managers and establish whether they believe they may have a positive rehabilitation relationship with a particular case manager;
  • In some instances a meet and greet is arranged to enable your client and their family to consider whether case management is of benefit to them and the case manager’s role in this case can be to explain case management in more detail; and
  • Occasionally your client may already have a case manager in place and may wish to consider changing case manager, a meet and greet would help in making this decision.

The meeting between your client, their family and our case manager may take place in the client’s home, a coffee shop or a solicitor’s office for example. However, if it is not safe or appropriate to do so face-to-face we make use of video call facilities to conduct the meeting virtually.  Whilst not in the same room as your client our case managers can still provide them with the opportunity to find out a little more about the case manager, what they are like to work with and what skills and experience they have.

If you have a client that you feel would benefit from a meet and greet appointment with one or more of case managers or have any questions please get in touch at or call us on 01327 876210.