Compliments and complaints


It’s nice to hear how we are supporting you and the difference our case managers and expert witnesses have made to your rehabilitation. For that reason we’d love to hear your compliments about our service.

We pass these on to the people involved in your care to make sure they know what a good job they are doing and give them positive feedback.

If your feedback helps us to explain to others what a difference our people make then we may use the compliment on our website or other marketing material and alongside the case manager or expert witness profile online. We’ll always keep you anonymous and will never include details of your claim because what’s important to us if the difference we’ve made.

You can submit your feedback on any surveys or feedback forms we send you or you can share your feedback using the form below.

Would you like to tell your story to help or inspire others?

We’re always on the look out for people’s stories to help others adjusting to life following catastrophic injury and inspire people on their rehabilitation journey.

We’d love to tell your story about life before your injury, the challenges you have faced and how, with the help of the team at Bush & Co you have overcome these challenges. You may also have a story to tell about returning to work or education, rebuilding hobbies, finding new ways to be happy for example and all of this helps others going through the same as you.

If you would like us to tell your story then you can speak to your case manager or expert witness and they will let us know so we can get in touch to talk to you in more detail.


Have a complaint to make?

We’d hate to think that you have had a bad experience with us however we don’t shy away from your feedback.

For that reason we have a complaints process in place which sets out the process for making a complaint and how we would seek to resolve this.

You can download our complaints process here.

For our full complaints policy please email

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