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Since its inception in 2012 the Paul Bush Foundation Trust (PBFT) has been supporting individuals and organisations with the aim of assisting those who have an acquired disability as a result of an accident or birth injury. The trust was founded as a result of the vision of Paul Bush who cared passionately about improving the lives of people with a disability. This passion was shared by his daughter Rachel and the rest of the family and shareholders who agreed to donate a proportion of the profits of Bush & Company to the charity that bore his name.

When the family business was sold in 2015 it was agreed that Bush & Company would continue to contribute to the charity for a further 3 years. These donations, and the fundraising efforts of staff, have meant that, by the end of 2018, the charity will have contributed almost £410,000 to the support of its objectives and the trustees are proud that it has created a lasting legacy aligned to Paul’s original vision.

Following the sad passing of Paul in 2017 and the end of the funding agreement the trustees have been reviewing the future of the trust. As a small charity, reliant on donations, it has become increasingly challenging to raise significant sums in the current environment. This has led the trustees to conclude that the best course of action is to close the trust and donate the remaining funds to a charity with similar objectives to those of PBFT.

In Paul’s later years he developed a passion for horse racing. The work of the Injured Jockeys Fund (IJF) in providing support and rehabilitation for injured riders is aligned to both the work of PBFT and a pastime close to Paul’s heart. The trustees have therefore decided that it would be fitting to donate the remaining £90,000, to support equipment and facilities at Peter O’Sullevan House the IJF’s flagship project in Newmarket.

Whilst it is disappointing not to be able to continue the work of PBFT the trustees believe that we can look back with pride on its accomplishments contributing over £500k to worthwhile causes, achieving all of the objectives that it set itself and creating a legacy that Paul’s family and colleagues can be rightly proud of.

Registered Charity No. 1147536